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Rob and Stephanie Kectic have been married for 29 years. They live in Jaffrey with their daughter Cynthia and their dog Forrest.  Their son Steven, daughter in love Lee, their grandsons Elijah and Levi and granddaughter, Hannah Lee  live in Minnesota. 


Rob and Stephanie have served as our Pastors since 2006 and they believe that everything is about relationship. They are not just leaders of the church, they are part of the community of Faith at Harvest, they enjoy friendship and relationship with the families of Harvest.  As Jesus said: "No longer do I call you servants, but I call you friends".  They feel that there is no difference between laity and clergy;  everyone is called and equipped to be an effective minister of the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Rob is originally from Nashua, NH and Stephanie is from a small town in Northern Maine called Easton.  Rob and Stephanie were educated at Zion Bible College (Now Northpoint) and Rob went on to do his graduate work in counseling with a focus on Marital and Family Relationships.  Stephanie completed her dental assisting certification in 1996 and serves as a dental assistant in the region.


Rob loves sports.   He enjoys playing basketball and watching the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics.  Stephanie enjoys music and playing the guitar.  She is very knowledgeable about health and organic foods and is a great cook.  They both enjoy the outdoors and taking nature walks together with their dog Forrest. 

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A City of Refuge - We seek our Fellowship to be a place where imperfect people can grow in Christ in safety and without the fear of rejection or condemnation.

Romans 15:7


A House of Healing - We seek to be a people used by Christ to bring wholeness and healing to others - wholeness for the whole person - in body, mind and spirit, and in our relationship with God and others.

Isaiah 53:5, 61:1-4


A City on a Hill - Our desire is to be a community that exemplifies the love, acceptance, and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to others, and seeks to share this same kindness with others in both word and deed.

Matthew 5:13-16

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